Welcome to euficcs

EUFICCS stands for “European Use of Full-Immersion, Culture, Content, Service approach for Language Learning” and is a project developed by a European consortium made up of Associazione Culturale Ulisse (Siena, Italy), Siena Italian Studies (Siena, Italy), Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal) and Centro de Lengua y Educaciòn Intercultural (Granada, Spain).

The project has been co-financed by the European Union through the Lifelong Learning Programme – Key Action Activity Languages, and has been implemented for three years (November 2011 – October 2014). It aims at enhancing the motivation and capacity of language learners to study a foreign language with the use of an innovative common methodology that will be elaborated by the consortium and applied to the learning of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as second languages by students, interns, workers and other young people or adults going to Italy, Spain and Portugal for a study, training or working experience.